Join the Peers Rally to Save Ridesharing in Seattle

This Friday, the Seattle City Council will vote on rules that would shutdown services like Lyft and Sidecar -- and they need to hear from you. Join Lyft co-founder John Zimmer and other leaders in the sharing economy on Wednesday for a rally to save ridesharing in Seattle.

The rules proposed drastically limit the number of ridesharing drivers and the number of hours they can drive. This will make it impossible to operate ridesharing services, taking away an innovative, popular transportation alternative used by thousands of Seattleites and dealing a devastating blow to the future of ridesharing in our city.


Wednesday, February 12, 12:00PM


Seattle City Hall Steps (Fourth Avenue and James Street). Indoor location available if weather requires -- we'll keep you dry!


In Your Words

See what members of the ridesharing community are saying about why we need to fight to keep ridesharing in Seattle:

“It provides me a quick, safe, and affordable way to get across town whilst having meaningful conversations with new people.” - Jacob

“I believe in community, innovation, and supporting locally-sourced employment!!” - Angela

“It's simple, anything that makes it easier to not drink and drive is a good thing, end of story.” - Taylor

“Alternate Urban Transportation, in all its forms, is not only a boon for entrepreneurs and innovation, but is also a necessity in these times of energy consciousness and overpopulation.” - Paul

“Seattle absolutely needs Lyft in Seattle. The citizens of Seattle are facing a massive 17% cut in their Metro service, losing over 6000 hours of bus service, mostly the late night routes. Lyft can and will step in to make up for this missing transit option. It allows a safe, reliable, and efficient way for Seattle residents to get around the city. Why would the city want to further limit our transit options when we are faced with such a drastic cut in our public transportation options?” - Keith

“So many people struggle with mobility and transportation in Seattle. I've heard stories of people who can't afford cars, who live at home with their mothers while they support their families, and those who go out for a night on the town and appreciate a safe, friend ride home. Seattle wants and needs ride-sharing.” - Brandon